What We’re All About

Donut Resist Bakery is a family-owned and operated vegan baked-goods business. All of our products are home-made, and 100% vegan. We only use the best ingredients available to us, all of them organic or non-gmo. It's not about what is NOT in our products, it’s about what IS in them. We promise to always use ingredients that preserve as many of their nutrients as possible, so you can treat your beautiful body the way it deserves to be treated! 

  • We are a cottage food production operation. Because of this our products are only available for pick up (message us on one of our socials below for an address), or for orders of a dozen or more, we offer free delivery to anywhere in The Woodlands area.



We bake our donuts fresh every day, so make sure to place your order at least a day in advance!


Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.


We’ve been loving making personalized bi


Message us on one of our socials below for orders and questions.




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